Critics and art historians agree on the idea that Artemisia was a very receptive artist able to let different influences nourish her art. Her constant travelling exposed her to many connections and very different tastes. This nature led to a diversified style in her production.
Artemisia’s obsessions - transformed into a dazzling and sensual imagery - soon became a successful formula which gave her control over her clients and patrons. In her letters she reveals to be as much a businesswoman and a passionate artist, interested in dominating the market as well as mastering her art. Managing her own career she accomplished very much, achieving important and remunerative commissions.

She passionately loved one of her patrons. Their epistolary exchange, recently published, discloses a stormy relationship. In one letter she scolds her lover for acting inappropriately, in his private, with her paintings: revealing, if it is still necessary, the sensual power of simulacra. Images like seductive, soothing and fertile drops of gold.



Dario CASTELLO (1590 – 1658)
Sonata X (Sonate concertate in stil moderno, Libro II, Venezia, Bartolomeo Magni, 1644)