The relationship between Artemisia and her father Orazio was not an easy one. She was not only his daughter. She was the first and the best of his apprentices.

During the rape trial, filed against Agostino Tassi, their private life had been massively scrutinized, her moral upbringing criticized and his honesty as a father doubted. Despite winning the cause, she left Rome soon after the trial to avoid the scandal.

She came back to Rome several times while moving around Italy despite the relationship with Orazio being tense.

However he often sponsored her among powerful clients and often called her to join him at work.

She was probably in Genoa with him around 1624, when Orazio was there to work for the Doria family, and, in 1638, he called her at the court of King Charles I to help him finish his last work, the decoration of a ceiling at Henriette Maria’s House of Delights in Greenwich, The Triumph of Peace and Arts, a year before his death.

He died unexpectedly assisted by his daughter.



Giovanni Maria TRABACI (1575 – 1647)
Consonanze stravaganti (Il secondo libro de ricercate & altri varij capricci, Napoli, Giacomo Carlino, 1615)